Types of Runners

Bone Runners

The fastest and best bone runners in OSRS
GP 1-3m per hour (around 15k/inv)
  • Trained and Professional
  • More than 2m exp/h possible
  • Insured to avoid scams
  • We only accept OSRS Gold

Essence Runners

Personally trained for the highest consistency
GP 3,5-8m per hour (depends on type of runner)
  • Trained and Professional
  • More than 200k exp/h possible
  • Insured to avoid scams
  • We only accept OSRS Gold

Find Helpers

We offer any run service you can think of (prices in GP)​
*new* price depends on type of service
  • MM2 Cave "Spinner" Service
  • Skilling, Questing, PvMing and more..
  • Raid and CA Boosting
  • Inferno Capes, Quiver and more....

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our insurance and training systems makes scamming impossible. Every runner has to go through various application procedures so we can provide our clients with perfectly well-trained runners.

Every runner has to leave a deposit (insurance) depending on their rank which will be paid out in case the runner scams a client.
This unique system makes scaming impossible because every client gets paid back whatever the insured runner was insured for.

Bone Runners are skilled runners that unnote your bones quickly at a gilded altar so you don’t lose time and exp.

Having essence runners allow you to reach the fastest XP/h ingame. They are highly trained to run as quickly as possible to the Lava or Astral altar to trade you essences to craft runes.

“Other Runners” are the latest addition to the Find Runners-Team. We offer various services like MM2 Dancing, Item Delivery, Slayer Helper, Spec Transfer and more!

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